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2020.04.04 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.04.04 / 355 (+7) cases / 5 deaths / 50 recovered
304 (+6, UK1, US2) imported / 51 (+1) indigenous

If it’s the end of the world, what would you do? Think it deeply. I know the digital storage is unstable and unsustainable, the most reliable history usually were journals written by nobodies, like Anne Frank. I think everyone should start writing their own journals to help the historians even aliens to deduce what shits happened in 2020 on the earth, and the best way to record it, is to carve them down on stones.
如果這就是世界末日了,你會做什麼?多想一下。數位儲存一向都不可靠也無法永久保存,最可靠的歷史紀錄往往來自無名小卒的日記,像是安妮法蘭克。我認為每個人都應該開始寫他們自己的日記,這樣歷史學家甚至外星人就能推測到底地球在 2020 年發生了什麼鳥事,而且最好的紀錄方式是把它們刻在石頭上。

The government sent the warning SMS to the tourists who had wandered in some popular attractions, I thought it was impossible to evacuate people by that gentle method, but surprisingly worked, the tourists reduced to 20%. So it’s the turn of merchants, they grumbled the government scared the tourists that affected the business, they complained about the minister of tourism had encouraged citizens to go to outdoor places, then somehow suddenly received the warnings from the CDC.
政府發送了細胞簡訊給在熱門景點遊玩的人,我本來以為遊客怎麼可能會被這麼溫柔的方式勸退,想不到還真的有用,旅客減少了 80%。所以現在換那些商家唉唉叫了,他們抱怨政府嚇到遊客害他們沒生意,他們抱怨觀光局長連假前還鼓勵民眾去公眾場所玩,結果不知道怎麼了卻收到 CDC 的警告訊息。

We’ll see the result the selfish people caused for Taiwan within 14 days, hope we’ll be fine, or be a joke.
我們 14 天內就會看到這些自私的人為臺灣帶來什麼後果,希望一切都好,不然就變成笑話一場。

Polices walked around the streets in Kenting warmed people kept the social distance, they set the checking points to inspect if tourists wore a mask, I saw all of a group of foreigners didn’t wear masks from news, the polices gave one for each of them. From my observation, we lack the English guidance for the foreigners to help them get the masks, there are 750 thousand foreigners live in Taiwan, they need more information in English, otherwise I hope their Chinese is good enough.

Plenty of introspection towards the CDC and citizens, the utmost conflict is if it’s necessary to enhance the testing extent.
一堆人開始反省 CDC 跟民眾,最大的爭論點在於是否有必要擴大篩檢規模。




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