1 張圖搞懂: carpet, rug, mat 都是地毯的英文,有什麼不同?(影片)


一張圖看懂地毯的英文 carpet, rug, mat 的差異

以大小簡而言之,carpet > rug > mat
carpet: 裝飾用且具有功能性 (如保暖)、通常覆蓋整個空間。
rug: 裝飾用途,比 carpet 小。
mat: 比 rug 更小,為特地目的而存在,有強烈的功能性。例如門廊的地墊、浴室前的腳踏墊。

A carpet is a large, thick floor covering made of a soft material such as wool or nylon. It is fastened to the floor and covers a large area of a room.

A rug is a smaller floor covering made of the same materials as a carpet. It is used for decorative or functional purposes and can be easily moved or picked up.

A mat is a small, flat piece of material used to cover a specific area of a floor. It is made of a durable material such as rubber or coir and is used for practical purposes.

The main difference between a carpet, a rug, and a mat is their size and intended use. Carpets are large and meant to cover a large area of a room. Rugs are smaller and often used for decorative or functional purposes. Mats are small and used for practical purposes.

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