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2020.04.05 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.04.05 / 363 (+8) cases / 5 deaths / 54 (+4) recovered
312 (+8, UK1, US3, AUT&CZ3 ) imported / 51 indigenous

A distrustful movement towards the government is starting, the financial industry asked employees who have been to the places where the government announced the most crowded attractions to do WFH (work from home) for 12 days. I miss the time the people were in a panic, at least people were trying protecting themselves. Now it’s the turn for companies to take responsibility to protect their companies as well as employees.
不信任政府運動開始了,金融業 (富邦、新光、國泰) 要求那些連假曾去 11 個國家警報級旅遊景點的人 WFH (在家上班) 12天。我想念之前人們陷入恐慌的日子,至少大家都在努力想辦法保護自己。現在換企業負起責任保護他們自己的公司和員工了。

The future of next 14 days seems quite miserable, sane people are doing remediation as much as we can. In fact, most of the so-called “advanced deployment” in Taiwan is urged by citizens, this is a minor thing that the foreign media neglected, citizens usually think more than the government.
未來 14 天感覺很不妙,理智的人們正盡力做補救措施。其實臺灣所謂的「超前部署」大都來自人民的督促,人們通常比政府想得還多,這是被西方媒體忽略掉的小事。

The minister of health demonstrated how we can use steam cookers to sterilise masks, in order to extend the effective period of masks, we have to use masks carefully in case the situation gets out of control. Hum… it’s no matter how many masks we donated to other countries, the amount of donation is less than our 1-day production. If someone feels guilty, it is completely unnecessary.

Officially strict restrictions on banning passengers who do not wear masks to take public transports are not complied by some selfish and irrational people, every country has such folk.

One of the untraceable cases has been successfully traced, that’s a good thing.




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