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2020.04.03 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.04.03 / 348 (+9) cases / 5 deaths / 50 recovered
298 (+7, UK2, US3) imported / 50 (+2) indigenous

It has been a nightmare in this 4-day holiday of Tomb Sweeping Day, I saw lots of pictures and news said people went to crowded places, not to mention to keep the social distance. While 90% of countries have been locked down or in a curfew, we are luckily enough can go everywhere that we want. (even though this is totally politically wrong to say it as luck.)

We got through the toughest Lunar New Year already, surely will we fail in Tomb Sweeping Day AGAIN as SARS in 2003? I think the situation might out of control within 2 weeks in Taiwan, because of these corona-idiots. Please don’t give any compliments for Taiwan anymore, we are too complacent now.
我們已經度過了最艱困的新年,難道我們會又會像 2003 的 SARS 一樣栽在清明節上嗎?我覺得接下來兩個星期臺灣就要因為這些疫無所知者而失控了 (我不知道 corona-idiots 中文翻譯成什麼了)。拜託不要再稱讚臺灣了,我們現在過於志得意滿。

An American Youtuber who lived in Taiwan a long period of time and regularly shares the difference between living in Taiwan and America, Hailey, said she recently had indirect approaching history of confirmed cases of her brother-in-law. Hope she’ll be fine.
Youtuber 莫彩曦因為搬家跟已經確診的姊夫有間接接觸史,希望她沒事。

Singapore also has suspended to go to schools today, now Taiwan and Sweden are only two countries the students can go to schools normally in the world. We’re like living in a parallel universe or movie (Black Mirror?), all of this stuff is so illusory.
新加坡也停止上學了,現在全世界就剩下唯二的兩個國家,臺灣和瑞典還正常上課。我們就好像住在平行宇宙或是電影 (黑鏡?),一切都好不真實。



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