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2020.04.02 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.04.02 / 339 (+10) cases / 5 deaths / 50 (+5) recovered
291 (+8, UK2, US2) imported / 48 (+2) indigenous

The total cases of the world reached over 1 million. Since the CDC announced the suggestion told people should keep social distance at least 1.5 m indoors and 1 m outdoors, our president first time wore a mask in public because the occasion was obviously impossible to keep the distance indoors.
全球確診案例突破 100 萬。蔡總統第一次在公開場合戴口罩,因為中央疫情指揮中心指示需要室內保持 1.5 公尺社交距離,室外保持 1 公尺,但那個室內行程顯然無法保持社交距離。

Relatively speaking, the concerns the some stubborn citizens have are negligible. A poll says 80% of citizens support the decision of donating the masks to the world, as for those 20% of people… they just insist on debating against Taiwan, they just want to be a Chinese person. Why not just go back to your China? Walk yourself out.

The CDC said we are controlling the epidemic well, aside from 4 cases are untraceable so far… hey, it sounds not that well, a little bit scary actually. The minister said that he believes the performance we have, take care for ourselves also protects our families and society, everyone is a screw in this prevention, we can do it successfully as long as we screw the screws tightly.
陳時中部長說我們目前控制得不錯,除了四個追查不到來源的案例… 欸這聽起來並不是那麼好好嗎。他說他相信人民的水準,照顧好自己就是照顧好家人與社會,每個人都是螺絲釘,大家把螺絲釘鎖緊防疫就能成功。

An article said some coronavirus patients showed serious impairments in the brain, another article said the virus damages asymptomatic coronavirus patients, these evidences almost prove the virus was artificial… we will find out the truth someday, soon.




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