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2020.03.31 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.03.31 / 322 (+16) cases / 5 deaths / 39 recovered
276 (+14, UK7, US3) imported / 46 (+2) indigenous

According to the most of imported cases came from the UK, we suspicious the situation in the UK must be more severe than it appears. Some people suggested that we should refuse students overseas and natives come back to Taiwan, that’s tough, we can’t leave any our citizens behind. Limit the amount a day or centralized quarantine might be better I think.

The minister of transport announced a new policy will implement tomorrow. Before taking public transportation that we have to check the temperature and wear masks, if the temperature is higher than 37.5℃ that you will be asked to go home or hospitals.  This time is an official restriction, even though we have wore masks already.
交通部長宣布明天開始實施新政策。在搭乘大眾運輸前必須量體溫及戴口罩,如果體溫高於 37.5℃ 就會被叫回家或去看醫生。這次是官方的限制了,就算我們在那之前早就戴好戴滿口罩。

Citizens never feel safe or satisfied with the prevention the government did, a suggestion about extending the scale of testing is supported by more and more people. Officials said the large scale testing will destroy the medical energy, because our cases were traceable, it’s unnecessarily to test every single citizen. Will it become a weakness for us?

Bloomberg reported that more than 160 countries have closed schools. Nearly 90% of the world’s student population is now out of class. Only in Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Taiwan and a few states in the U.S. school is still in.
彭博報導超過 160 個國家已經關閉學校,世界上將近 90% 的學生無法上學。只有新加坡、澳洲、瑞士、臺灣和一小部分美國學校還維持正常運作。

The Uber Eats is not only provides a function called “put it down at the door”, but also sends a notification when your food arrive your home, it says please wash your hands immediately and before you have the meal to keep the safety for everyone.
Uber Eats 除了推出「放在門口」功能之外,還會在你的餐點到你家時發通知請你立刻洗手以保護所有人的安全。

An anchor tried speaking English on the broadcast news, people get excited about the situation in Taiwan could reveal to the world… But strangely, some guys put the point on the accent the anchor had, what’s wrong with these guys?

Okay, well, I’m not that surprised seriously. The average of English skills are dreadful in Taiwan, but Taiwanese citizens criticize others speaking, accents, grammar, misspelling even if it’s idiomatically, so that the people although have good enough ability to use English, they still afraid of being criticized.

Taiwanese people are incredibly kind with foreigners, but over do introspection.




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