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2020.03.28 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.03.28 / 283 (+16) cases / 2 deaths / 30 recovered
241 (+14, UK3, US3, ESP2) imported / 42(+2) indigenous

2 indigenous cases have no travelling abroad history, the infected investigation is still working. People get caught up in panic again.

A portion of netizens and experts are still debating the legitimacy of suspending the quarantined compensation for the British couple, some people said the BBC should take this responsibility because they didn’t check if the truth. The punishment is reasonable but lacks the legal basis, it’s ambiguous, they said.
部分網友與專家仍在爭論讓英國情侶喪失得到防疫補償金是否合法,有些人說責任在於 BBC,因為他們沒有事實查核。他們說懲罰合理但缺乏法源根據。

Maybe not many countries like Taiwanese people, everyone engages politics. My eldest daughter surprised me when she shared her opinion about the politicians 1 year ago (she was 14), she did a great job and had sane mindset. I haven’t talked about this kind of things with her, I think I shouldn’t instil my standpoints to my kids, they have to think about it independently.

There’s a saying – “Life is politics, life won’t be better without discussing politics.”

Some opinions from citizens said that Taiwan should close the border thoroughly. Some companies are preparing for physical isolation in the office. Teachers has prepared for giving online classes. Once the community infection happens, we can switch the living methods immediately, all these preparations are on organisations their own initiative. As I said before, people are over worried but I appreciate the Taiwanese spirits play a significant role in this war.

Czech, Spain, Philippines, and Turkey claimed the test kits from China only have 20%-40% of sensitivity. What a terrible thing. Don’t trust any words from the CCP, Taiwan is a long-term victim, we really know who the CCP is!
捷克、西班牙、菲律賓和土耳其聲明中國的試劑靈敏度(臺媒把 sensitivity 翻譯成準確度不太正確)只有 20-40%。也太可怕了,中共的說的話一個字也別信,臺灣是長期的受害者,非常瞭解他們是什麼樣。



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