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2020.03.27 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.03.27 / 267 (+15) cases / 2 deaths / 30 (+1) recovered
227 (+15, US7, UK6) imported / 40 indigenous

The British couple I mentioned yesterday that the girl asked the BBC to remove the news, she apologised to us, said they thanked for what we did for them, she didn’t know her mother told to the BBC to report it. But the misinformation has already spread, some citizens considered it hurt our international reputation. Under the laws as well as the pressure came from the society, the CDC announced that the couple were ineligible for getting the quarantined compensation.
昨天提到的英國情侶,女方要求 BBC 移除該新聞,並對臺灣表示歉意,她感謝臺灣政府為他們所做的一切,她不知道她媽媽告訴 BBC 且報導出來。但是錯誤報導早就傳開了,有些人認為這有損臺灣的國際形象。在法律與整個社會氛圍的壓力下,CDC 宣布這對情侶已不符合領取防疫補償金的資格。

Maybe the CDC and citizens were overreacting, but I can understand.
也許 CDC 與人們過度反應,但我能理解。

We have prepared for reacting infected diseases quickly for 17 years long, Taiwan was obscure until this war.
我們已經為迅速對傳染疾病做出反應準備了 17 年,臺灣一直沒沒無名,直到這一戰。

To get the respect is strenuous, but destroy it just need a rumor.
Even though we proved it was a rumor, you still have a little sound in your mind said that they might get it right.
Don’t you? That’s what I said.

The US signed the TAIPEIAct today, I’m not sure what the real influence will be for us, just feel satisfied with seeing the reaction from the CCP.
美國簽署了 TAIPEI 法,我不知道對我們的實質影響是什麼,只是爽看中共不爽。

The medical collapses are happening in France and New York, I don’t even have courage to see these videos yet.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his Health Secretary, and Prince Charles all have tested positive for the Wuhan pneumonia, is it how the “herd immunity” works?

Talked with a friend about futures. There are many financial theories, all are useless now.



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