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顏料的英文 pigment 到底是可數還是不可數名詞?| 30秒英文文法筆記

pigment 同時是可數和不可數名詞。取決於句子中所扮演的角色和意義。

當  pigment 被用作可數名詞時,它表示某種具體的色素或染料,例如:
I mixed different pigments to create the perfect shade of blue.

當 pigment 被用作不可數名詞時,它表示顏料或染料的整體,而不是具體的單個色素,例如:
The artist used a lot of pigment in this painting.

Pigment 用法的範例文章

Mary is an artist who uses pigments to create her paintings. She has a collection of pigments, each with a different color and texture, that she uses to add depth and dimension to her art. In her latest piece, Mary used a lot of pigment to create a vivid sunset over the ocean. She mixed several pigments together to get the perfect shades of orange, pink, and purple. Mary believes that the quality of the pigment is just as important as the brush strokes and technique used in creating a painting. Without high-quality pigments, the painting would lack the vibrancy and richness that Mary strives for in her work.


本文出自於我自己的英文一對一家教課,以及 SPEAK (2023 FEB 28: The Lasting Nature of the Tattoo) 的上課筆記。下圖被修改的主文為我自己寫的上課作業,修改處為老師課堂中的糾正與補充筆記。

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