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1圖搞懂謙虛的英文 modest 跟 humble 用法差別

Modest 跟 humble 是近義詞,在劍橋字典的解釋都中譯為「謙虛、謙遜的」。但其實看英英字典就知道它們有些細微差異喔!兩個不同在於,modest 是「低調」不張揚、不炫耀。Humble 則是認為自己沒有那麼好,比較相近於中文「謙虛」的意思。


“Humble” and “modest” are often used to describe people who are not arrogant or prideful, but they have slightly different connotations.

“Humble” typically refers to being unassuming or having a lack of ego or self-importance. A humble person may not think highly of themselves or their abilities and may be willing to admit their mistakes or shortcomings. They may also be deferential to others and willing to listen to and learn from others.

“Modest” refers to being unassuming or modest in one’s actions, appearance, or behavior. A modest person may not seek attention or praise and may be understated in their manner or appearance. They may also be modest in their expectations or demands.

So, while a humble person may be modest in their behavior and actions, a modest person may not necessarily be humble in their attitude or outlook.

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Modest 意思與用法例句

  • someone who is modest does not want to talk about their abilities or achievements – LDOCE
  • He was always modest about his role in the Everest expedition.
  • You’re too modest! You’ve been a huge help to us.

Humble 意思與用法例句

  • showing you do not think that you are as important as other people –  LDOCE
  • Taylor’s students describe him as a humble and modest man.
  • Stephanie was humble enough to admit that others could probably do the job better than she could.

modest vs humble 圖解差異比較

modest humble nuances differences
圖解出自 TutorABC 大會堂課程:2022/10/03 21:30 – 22:15 初階英語學習方法:英語寫作,究竟怎麼練?



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