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2020.03.30 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.03.30 / 306 (+8) cases / 5 (+3) deaths / 39 recovered
262 (+7, UK2, US3 ) imported / 44(+1) indigenous

Rumors will become truths when it spreads 1 thousand of times. Hearing my classmate said that she doubted the virus came from the USA shocked me.

An illustrious comedy Japanese actor, 志村けん, has died due to the Wuhan pneumonia, he was my idol in my childhood. The feeling of the end of the world is more intense, even though it seems I’m living in the one of the safest place in the world.

Finally Boris Johnson realise that China is lying, isn’t it too late? Will the UK be better since he get sick?

I feel like we don’t have ability to convince the world not to trust China, even though we have done the strict prevention in the past 3 months, even though they saw it, even though they have at least 2 months to do the prevention as we did, they just didn’t believe it, right? So what now? Whatever, do what ever you want, believe what you want to trust then, tired enough.

The public security is worse than before, several random homicides happened a few days ago, a bank robbery happened today, we don’t have bank robberies for over 20 years… so retro. The criminal was arrested before the noon, so silly.
治安比以前糟了,發生了一些隨機殺人案,今天還發生一個銀行搶案,我們已經有超過 20 年沒有銀行搶案了吧,真是復古。犯人在中午前就被逮捕歸案了,這一切真是蠢爆。

People don’t want to go outside, a game is called Animal Forest has became a trend to play.

Now we can buy more masks from the government, the lack of masks is not a big issue as the rest of the world in Taiwan.



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