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A Notorious Reputation of Hong Kong Government

I found out that I tend to use complicated construction as much as I can compare to other students and that might be one of the reasons why the tutor asked me to answer many questions that more than other students in the same class.

I felt a little bit embarrassed because the tutor went through two whole pages which contained 3 questions in per page and he only asked me to answer those questions, just me!

I was so confused at that time and I checked it many times before answering the questions to make sure it was my turn.

Since I read the first slide and then the tutor didn’t ask me to read other pages anymore that he just asked me to did conversations, so I had most practice in conversation.

Even though I tried hard to extend my sentences, another tutor still improved my sentences and also corrected my grammar.

I really, really appreciated for corrections that many tutors no longer did for advanced students, it is rare to take a class with a tutor who would correct students’ grammar.

At the end of the class that the material provided a mission which was using the new vocabulary we learnt today to construct a sentence, I chose “notorious” and made a sentence that was:

“The government of Hong Kong has been known to have a notorious reputation because of their bullying attitude towards their citizens.” (It has been corrected by the tutor, much better than my initial sentence.)

And… see? Although the tutors in TutorABC have the contract that wrote the tutors should not be able to talk about policy for students, we still could find out the way to discuss it and avoid to break the contract. ? That’s my favourite time of taking English classes.



英文 (CEFR C1 / TOEIC 985) 與西班牙文 (A2) 學習者;誤打誤撞拿到 TESOL 英文教師證照。英文從 A2 到 B2 花了四個半月。以自身經驗,至今已幫助數萬位學習者找到最適合的語言學習方式。

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