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2020.04.07 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.04.07 / 376 (+3) cases / 5 deaths / 61 (+4) recovered
324 (+3, UK1, US1 ) imported / 52 indigenous

The calm before the storm? Only 3 imported cases today, it’s miracle that we remain such slow growth rate.

The government is considering if should cancel the Labor Holiday… I don’t like this unreasonable idea, as if a punishment to labors.
政府正在考慮勞動節要不要取消放假… 這也太沒道理吧,懲罰勞工逆?

Not surprised, the parents and kids gave the opposite answers of travel history, parents have to take care their own children for 14 days if they had been to crowded places during the holiday, how can the most of parents take 14 days off to take care their children? Ironically, parents lied while taught children no to lie.
毫不意外,家長跟孩子在旅遊史上給了相反的答案,因為要是講了,家長必須照顧他們孩子 14 天,能請假照顧小孩 14 天的家庭屈指可數。諷刺的是小孩被教導不能說謊,父母卻說謊。

The Ministry of Education had banned Zoom as the remote teaching software, teachers and students have to learn a new program instead, it’s not easy for some rural areas.
教育部禁止用 Zoom 線上上課,老師和學生必須學新的軟體替代,這對偏鄉來說並不容易。

A tiger has confirmed as the first infected case of tigers, so that people call for not abandoning cats.

Some foreign patients claimed that they have eye discomfort, our CDC said not sure if a new symptom.

1 TW and 1 HK singers sang a song about fighting against coronavirus which was the propaganda of the CCP, are flooded with blames and judgments.

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