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2020.04.06 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.04.06 / 373 (+10) cases / 5 deaths / 57 (+3) recovered
321 (+9, UK3, UK&ISL2, US3 ) imported / 52 (+1) indigenous

The CDC unusually held the press conference in the morning, today had 2 press conferences. It announced workers who have been to crowded places during the holidays should isolate themselves for 14 days, since the announcement issued at 10 AM, some companies surveyed the travel history towards the employees and asked them to go home in a hurry. Schools are also asked to record the students’ travel history.
疾管署很不尋常地在早上開記者會,今天有兩場。宣布了有去過擁擠場所的人要在家自我隔離 14 天,因為早上 10 點才公告,一些公司急急忙忙調查完旅遊史放員工回家。學校也被要求記錄學生的旅遊史。

The header of the CDC claimed that the number of citizens had travels and the covering rate of wearing masks was beyond his expectation. Huh? You shouldn’t overestimate the IQ the citizens have okay? Once just 1 isolated person went to attractions, we would become the next Italy only within a few days. Seems we lacked the prevention and urgent commands beforehand, the weirder is that big babies argued that the government hadn’t officially forbidden citizens went outside. So what? I thought everyone has a brain?
CDC 指揮官說出門玩的人的數量和口罩覆蓋率超乎他預期。蛤?你們不應該高估人民的智商好嗎?只要有一個居家隔離的人跑出去,我們沒幾天就會變成下一個義大利了。看起來事前是並沒有超前部署也沒有嚴格禁止人民出去玩,但是更詭異的是一堆巨嬰說政府沒有禁止出門啊。所以勒?我還以為人人有腦?

Could these remedies work? I remain deeply anxious.
A nurse said she has lost her smell for 17 years since the SARS outbreak. Now the Wuhan pneumonia carries the same symptom, that’s absolutely NOT a flu-like illness.
有護理師說她從 SARS 之後就失去嗅覺 17 年了。現在一樣的症狀也在武漢肺炎身上被發現,這絕對不是什麼流感好嗎?

China still constantly sent their aggressive attacks towards Taiwan even surrounding countries, the CCP made 20 trillion fake USD dollars, Zoom has been found out malware and the IT team are in China. How much shit from China that we have to resolve?
中國依然不斷地試圖攻擊臺灣,甚至其他周邊國家也被攻擊;中共製造了 20 兆美元假鈔;Zoom 是後門間諜軟體,軟體開發部門在中國。我們還要幫中國擦多少屎?

An American bank became the first bankrupt bank in the world during the Wuhan pneumonia. I just told my colleagues not to quit their job, I have seen many companies stop hiring, it’s the toughest time ever, we don’t know when the things will get better, it’s globally financial impact that no one can ride it out.


  1. shit 是不可數名詞,所以要用 much shit
  2. malware 是不可數名詞




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