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2020.04.01 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

2020.04.01 / 329 (+7) cases / 5 deaths / 45 (+6) recovered
283 (+7, UK1, US6) imported / 46 indigenous

I’ve never been prouder of Taiwan! Our president announced to donate 10 million masks to the world, I just talked with friends yesterday said I hoped Taiwan could help the world soon, I hadn’t expected the day comes so soon! Her speech was deeply touching — Taiwan can help, Taiwan is helping, we take care ourselves because we want to take care the world, now we’re ready to help the world.
從來沒有比現在更為臺灣感到驕傲!蔡總統宣布將捐贈1000萬口罩給國外,我昨天才跟朋友提希望臺灣能早日行有餘力救助國外,沒有想到這麼快就實現了。她的演說內容非常鼓舞人心 — 臺灣可以幫上忙,臺灣正在幫忙,我們照顧好自己是為了幫助國外,我們現在已經準備好幫忙全世界了。

Some CCP’s propaganda left comments on Twitter, they pretended they’re foreigners wrongly thanked to China for the donated masks, attempted to misleading us to debate against the real foreigners.

We used to kidding on 1st April, this year is not easy to make jokes, the government reminded us not to illegally joke about the epidemic as spreading rumors. In the digital marketing industry, observing operations from other companies is essential, we haven’t seen much nice operations yet. A joke we made was not allowed to post, our client considered it was not an appropriate time for kidding in any ways.

The UN announced to hold conferences online through Wechat, seems the UN is still out of loop that they haven’t learnt a lesson from the epidemic being not to trust everything from China.





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