2020.03.26 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣之觀察日記

2020.03.26 / 252 (+17) cases / 2 deaths / 29 recovered
212 (+15, UK6, ESP1) imported / 40 (+2) indigenous

A survey shows that the politicians got the highest satisfaction of defending the Wuhan pneumonia, the minister of health and welfare has 91% and the president has 60% of satisfaction from citizens, 87% of trustworthy policies, but 68% of citizens worried about getting infected, that's so interesting.
TVBS民調指出蔡英文總統與陳時中部長在防疫期間獲得了有史以來最高的民調滿意度,陳時中部長滿意度 91%,蔡總統 60%。87% 的人民滿意防疫政策,但是有 68% 的人擔心受到傳染,這個結果很令人玩味。

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The curiosity of foreigners are affecting our life slightly... Or more than it.

A Japanese journalist had came to Taiwan deliberately before we closed the border, the reason she came to Taiwan was she wanted to experience to be quarantined in Taiwan, to write it as a report, she received lots of criticisms from her own country because she wasted the medical resources.

A Chinese person through the media Deutsche Welle criticized our epidemic prevention, obviously it's CCP's propaganda. They don't understand we trust every passenger to fill the form, our society is based on the trust, once you break this relationship, we will find you out, give you penalties. Yup, there's still a room that we can improve, but take Taiwan as a vulnerable example? You probably have something wrong... Look at Italy, the US, Spain... Etc., please, we are in rank 69!
一名中國人透過《德國之聲》批評臺灣有很多的防疫漏洞,顯而易見是中共的大外宣。他們不明白臺灣是以信任為基礎的社會,相信你會誠實填寫入境表,但一旦破壞了這層信任,我們就會找到你,讓你受到懲罰。對啦我們是還有很多可以改進的地方,但是拿臺灣作為防疫漏洞的範例?你一定有什麼毛病,幹嘛不看看義大利、美國、西班牙之類的?我們現在排名 69 欸!

There's lots of misinformation in the article as well, but in terms of the propaganda, everyone knows it's untrustworthy, I don't want to waste my time to clarify it.

A British couple said that their quarantined experience in Taiwan was bad blah blah, so, excuse me? In general, we would take photos as evidences to prove how bad was, right? But NOTHING! The BBC didn't do anything to prove or balance the news initially, no proofs, no facts checked from Taiwan. Then our journalists asked this thing at least three times at today's press conference, netizens debated the BBC, after a while, the BBC finally put some additions in their reports.
一對英國情侶透過 BBC 報導,說他們在臺灣被入境隔離時被像犯人一樣對待什麼的,喔所以呢?一般來說我們都會拍一些照片證明環境真的很糟吧?可是 BBC 一張照片都沒有、也沒有跟臺灣求證過做一些平衡報導。沒有證據、沒有事實查核。記者在今天的記者會上至少問了三次這對情侶的狀況。網友批評 BBC,過了一陣子,BBC 終於增加了一些資訊到他們的報導中。

In short, the couple had no money to live in hostels, the Hualien's Quarantine Center provided them a dorm(23-26㎡) and just cost NTD$250 (USD$8.34) per day, they got 3 meals per day served by a staff, free washing machine, free WIFI, a caring bag(includes instant noodles, biscuits and necessities). The hot-water heater had been fixed at the midnight(AM2:00) in the first day (even if on the top of the highest mountain in Taiwan, you still can get hot water), the food was totally impossible worse than British food, Taiwanese people are really angry about this!!!
簡而言之,這對情侶沒有錢住民宿,花蓮縣衛生局安排了 7-8 坪的員工宿舍給他們住,每天只收他們 250 台幣,他們三餐有專人送達、免費洗衣機跟 WIFI、防疫關懷包 (裡面有泡麵、餅乾和日用品)。他們的熱水器在入住當天半夜兩點就修好了。在臺灣,就算在玉山頂還是有熱水好嗎!食物更是不可能比英國還爛,臺灣人真的對這件事超炎上!!

Okay then, every country has big babies. ?

A French person thanked Taiwanese government gave him a caring bag that was riddled with snacks during his quarantine.

Pasted into 2020.03.26 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣之觀察日記




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