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2020.03.25 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣之觀察日記

2020.03.25 / 235 (+19) cases / 2 deaths / 29 recovered
197 (+19, UK9, US6) imported / 38 indigenous

The bank I have account announced to cut interest rates. The world is facing the biggest financial crisis ever, no one knows how to cope with this.
Richart 調降利息了。這個世界正面臨從未有的金融危機,沒有人知道要怎麼解決。

CDC suggested suspending indoor gatherings of over 100 people and outdoor gatherings of over 500 people. It’s only a suggestion, not a restriction, the minister said that we need to give the society preparatory time, although over a half activities, places and stores have been suspended on their own initiative.
CDC 建議停止室內100人、戶外500人的聚會,部長說之所以沒有強制執行是因為需要多給社會一些預備時間。超過一半的店家、活動、場地都已經自我停業。

China is making a movie about the victory of surpassing the coronavirus, aiming at praising the authority.
“No wonder but nauseating.” my friend said.
Their people said, “Could you rescue citizens first?”

The virus seems has a new type as well as a new symptom, “no symptoms” patients said they lost the taste and smell.


武漢肺炎》中國將拍「抗疫劇」讚祖國偉大!網酸:先救同胞吧 – 自由電子報iStyle時尚美妝頻道



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