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2020.03.24 Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣之觀察日記

2020.03.24 / 216 (+21) cases / 2 deaths / 29(+1) recovered
178 (+20) imported cases / 38 (+1) local cases

Our governmental client gave us a health checklist for the tomorrow’s meeting, every visitor should show the health checklist to the guard, in order to get the permission to enter the building. It checks the travel list and approaching history, something like that.

Taiwan has been a trendy topic suddenly around the world. Ambassadors from many countries are fighting each other… on Twitter, thanks to the internet, we dodged physical wars.
臺灣忽然變成一個世界熱議的話題。各國大使互相戰起來…在 Twitter 上,感謝網路,我們躲過了物理性戰爭。

I and my friend had it all arranged to play the escape room games next weekend, I was about to cancel it because of the situation. Today, my friend informed me that the game announced to close the store for 2 weeks, the CDC had advised hermetic spaces of entertainment industries to close the business to ensure the safety for consumers.
我跟我朋友原本下週末要去玩密室逃脫,看疫情的狀況正打算要取消它了。結果今天朋友跟我說那間工作室宣告停止營業兩週,CDC 建議密閉空間業者自主停止營業兩週,以維護消費者的安全。

Some quarantined citizens got away from their home, some mayors are trying to use electronic bracelets to trace the route of quarantined citizens, I think this idea is acceptable, but some debates are still discussing… they said it’s against the human right… any better ideas? Or why not just isolate them in an isolated island?

Human right is based on the well-being for the whole society, not unlimited. It’s a dilemma for a new democratic regime.


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