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My Ridiculous Mistakes

Sometimes I got some ridiculous mistakes, for example :

T: What kind of television shows do you like to watch?
Me: … TE-LE-VI-SION ? What is TE-LE-VI-SION?

T: ….  ? Yes, on the televison.
Me: oh!!! televison !!!!

I thought at that moment she definitely doubted that why a lv11 student don’t know what the televison is.

me: …. I think the air populution would be a big problem.
T: you mean pollution?
Me: oh!!! yes, pollution ?

Why I merged these words population and pollution so naturally….

T: stressful is an adjective, what the noun form is?
Me: hm…strssness?
T: just stress.
Me: !!! Yes, stress!!!! ?????

Added suffix not always works.



英文 (CEFR C1 / TOEIC 985) 與西班牙文 (A2) 學習者;誤打誤撞拿到 TESOL 英文教師證照。英文從 A2 到 B2 花了四個半月。以自身經驗,至今已幫助數萬位學習者找到最適合的語言學習方式。

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