30秒搞懂團隊的英文文法 in a team / on a team 用法不同


30秒搞懂 in a team / on a team 的差別

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in a team = competitive, sports
on a team = business-related, projects


in a team / on a team 用法詳解

在大部分情況下,「in the team」和「on the team」都是可以互換使用的。但是,有時候其中一個詞組會比另一個更適合。一般而言,「in the team」通常用於競技性的團隊,例如體育比賽,強調成員是團隊的一份子且參與團隊活動。

相反的,「on the team」則通常用於商業或專案相關的情境,表示某人是團隊的一部分,但可能不一定是團隊的成員,也不一定參與團隊的活動或工作。此外,當描述具有共同利益的特定團隊時,更傾向使用「in the national team」等詞組。

根據 Google Ngram Viewer 的統計數據,「on the team」的使用頻率比「in the team」高出約五倍。不過,直到 1980 年代以前,兩者的使用頻率相當。

in the team or on the team usage


雖然兩者可以互換使用,但「in the same team」強調成員平等且需要和其他成員相處,而「on the same team」可能會凸顯成員之間的差異或不一致。


in the team 例句

  • The morale in the team was high after their success in the first round of the cup.(球隊在杯賽首輪成功後士氣高昂。)
  • When you work in a team, you have to accept that your success or failure depends on your colleagues.(當你在團隊中工作時,必須接受你的成功或失敗取決於你的同事。)
  • When the odds are stacked against you and it feels like you have a mountain to climb, you need a player like her in your team.(當你面臨像翻越山嶺一樣的難關時,你會需要像她這樣的球員在你的團隊中。)


on the team 例句

  • We will know who is on the team this weekend after the announcement on Friday evening.(在週末公佈名單後,我們就知道誰會在團隊中。)
  • After her individual success in the Olympics, we are looking forward to having her on our team. (在她的個人奧運會成功之後,我們就很期待她加入我們的團隊。)


English explanations

When we talk about being part of a group or organisation, we can use in the team or on the team to describe our involvement.

In the team suggests that we are a member of the group or organisation and actively participating in its activities. For example:

    • I'm in the team that's working on the new project.

On the other hand, on the team suggests a more passive involvement or affiliation with the group or organisation. For example:

  • She's on the team, but she doesn't contribute much to the discussions.

Overall, in the team implies a more active and integral role within the group or organisation, while on the team suggests a more casual or peripheral involvement.

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in a team / on a team


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