Spanish 西班牙文

Do you want to give up?

(after reading a Spanish article)
T: Okay, can you deduce what the article talks about?
M: Hum, more or less.
T: Yup, just need to grasp some verbs, then you can know it well. In fact, this article is A1, so it should be very difficult for you, but they have many English alike words that make things much easier for you.
M: Oh, A1? Just like this? Not as hard as my prediction.
T: Some passive voice could be confusing, we’ll talk about that next time. Hum… what’s your thought so far towards Spanish? Do you want to give up? ?
M: I’m trying not to give up, I’m already watching the S3 of La Casa De Papel.

T: So did you find some useful for you?
M: oh, now I can remember puta and vamous pretty well….. ?



英文 (CEFR C1 / TOEIC 985) 與西班牙文 (A2) 學習者;誤打誤撞拿到 TESOL 英文教師證照。英文從 A2 到 B2 花了四個半月。以自身經驗,至今已幫助數萬位學習者找到最適合的語言學習方式。

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