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2020.03.23 COVID-19 China Wuhan Corona Virus Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣之觀察日記

2020.03.23 / 195 (+26) cases / 2 deaths / 28 recovered
158 (+25) imported cases / 37 (+1) local cases

Finally, it was my first time I went to the pharmacy to get face masks that the government allocated for my girls. These masks have different appearances, now I know why people said to open the envelope as if to open a lottery.

Our company has been told that a planed governmental proposal has suspended, the organizer said that the situation of the virus is going dreadfully, the government wanted to re-allocate the funds to help the disaster.

The CDC’s commander was angry about the numerous misinformation are spreading recently, they had traced the origins, found out and announced the misinformation were from China, not a surprise at all. We are not only dealing with the virus, but also China, how can an authority is so nauseating?

The French minister of public health cried because of the lack of the masks for medical personnel, a mask costs €300 (NTD$9,700) there.
法國的公共衛生部長為了沒有口罩給醫護人員哭了,那邊一個口罩要價歐元 300,約台幣 9700 元。

An unbearable sexual event “the room of N” happened in S.Korea, is becoming the hottest topic in Taiwan.



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