2020.12.22 the first indigenous case since Apr

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770 (+4) cases / 7 deaths / 131 hospitalising
675 (+3) imported / 39 other / 56 (+1) local

I don’t want to keep these journals. I already got what I wanted… I got some benefits that I hadn’t expected because of these English journals.

We confirmed the first indigenous COVID-19 case since April, the CDC announced the places that the patient went to, I hadn’t gone to those locations, but I was in Taipei at the time.

I’m showing signs of a bit cold, it’s winter, it’s common that I always get a cold once a year during this season, I got a cold at this time last year as well…

I cancelled the real gathering of our company on Christmas Eve. I bought the allocated masks, the pharmacist told me the adult masks have been sold out since so many people bought masks today because of the indigenous case. Selling out is a good thing, that’s how Taiwanese are. We hoped everyone who has been to the places wore masks.

I went to the post office, a man took off his mask when he talked on his phone, the staff told him off. That’s Taiwanese, I thought.

I can totally accept if the transmission was our people carried with back to Taiwan, but it was an irresponsible New Zealand pilot. He’s working in a high-risk industry, but he refused wearing masks even when he cough; he didn’t comply the isolating measure; he went to public places; he concealed who he had contacted with; he thought the medical report was fake; he thought Taiwanese people intended to hurt him; he was pissed off to medical personnel in the negative pressure isolation room and harassed the medical workers.

We really should ban these people who can’t follow our regulations.


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