2020.05.18: no invitation of WHA

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2020.05.18: no invitation of WHA

440 (+0) cases / 7 deaths / 398 (+3) released
349 imported / DunmuFleet 36 / 55 local

The daily conference started with two apologies from the commander of CECC and the minister of MOFA, for despite striving to attend the WHA, it’s hopeless to join the con-call of WHA tonight, and thanked 29 countries, 43 Politicians and over 600 congressmen from different countries have supported Taiwan publicly to attend the WHA.
每日記者會以陳時中部長和外交部長的兩個道歉開場,說儘管已經非常努力爭取參加 WHA,但參與今晚線上 WHA 會議的機會仍是毫無希望。並且向公開支持臺灣參與的 29個國家的行政部門,43個國家政要,超過600以上各國國會議員表示感謝。

Personally, I believe that we just had proven that we can help the world without the WHO, don’t waste time on China and WHO would be better, we’re all using our own manners to help, joining the WHO just one of the choices. In terms of Taiwan really doing the prevention well and citizens are willing to do the prevention as well, joining the so-called “no one will be left behind” but actually is ruining the world’s organisation seems ridiculous.
我個人覺得我們早就證明不用 WHO 也能幫助世界,就不要浪費時間在中國和 WHO 身上了,我們都用我們自己的方法在幫忙,加入 WHO 只是眾多選項其一罷了。有鑑於臺灣防疫真的做得很好、人民也都願意配合,加入一個所謂的「沒人會被丟下」但其實正在毀滅世界的組織還滿荒謬的。

The CECC also announced that our 2nd batch of medical supplements for the world is prepared.

More and more restrictions of public places are officially lifted, now every citizen is allowed to go to schools on weekends for exercising again.

As I had assumed before, the Opposition reviewed the measures of preventions, said some policies that violate human rights, now it’s time to revise the law for preventing abuse from the government. (were they saying themselves?)

2020.05.18: no invitation of WHA


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