2020.05.08: New Lifestyle of Prevention – Journal of Wuhan Coronavirus in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

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2020.05.08: New Lifestyle of Prevention - Journal of Wuhan Coronavirus in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

440 (+0) cases / 6 deaths / 355 (+7) recovered
349 imported / DunmuFleet 36 / 55 indigenous

Today, Taiwan is the first country able to hold baseball competitions and allowed audiences into the venue this year.

The “New Lifestyle of Prevention” is started today as well, as long as people and businesses follow these rules, people are encouraged to go outside for spending money – the only effective and efficient way to rescue the economy.
防疫新生活運動也從今天開始了,只要民眾跟店家遵守這些規則,就鼓勵大家出門消費 — 最有效也最有效率拯救經濟的辦法。

  1. Keep the social distance, seat at intervals or set partitions.
  2. Implement personal hygiene, wearing masks, sterilizing hands, checking body temperature, and the public places should offer goods and facilities for handwashing.
  3. Use the “Real-name system” when attendees attend the crowded activities or enter stores, disinfecting the environment and limited the number of people in the place thoroughly.
  4. Has the qualifications of fire safety and public building safety.

A Taiwanese doctor has dedicated to innovating a box for intubation, to help doctors avoid getting saliva from the patients. He received bits of help from different industries and the government when he announced this idea, he calls it “Taiwan Box”. Now the Taiwan Box is finished the designing and achieved the goal: Its cost is less than $USD30 a box, the medical personnel don’t need to worry about disinfection after use, it’s not only disposable but also has high quality.
邱豑慶醫師最近忙於改善插管箱,這個箱子是用來避免醫療人員在插管的時候被病患的飛沫噴濺到。在他公布這個點子之後,各行各業跟政府部門都跑來幫忙了,這個盒子叫「Taiwan Box」。現在這個盒子設計已臻完美,並且達到原先的目標:一個盒子只要幾百塊、醫護人員不用煩惱用過之後怎麼消毒,它不但是拋棄式而且還擁有高品質。

The first reading of erasing national unity (to China) is adopted. This is the small step of becoming a normal county. These days the Taiwanese consciousness is dramatically increasing, the name of ROC has carried plenty of inconveniences and misunderstandings to us. Hope Taiwan can get rid of this colonial name as soon as possible.


2020.12.22770 (+4) cases / 7 deaths / 131 hospitalising
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