2020.05.03: schizophrenia – Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

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2020.05.03:  schizophrenia - Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

437 (+4) cases / 6 deaths / 332 (+8) recovered
346 imported / DunmuFleet 35 (+4) / 55 indigenous

We had two press conferences today, the morning one reported no new cases, the night one announced that there were 4 asymptomatic sailors confirmed. These sailors had it all arranged to release from the isolation as they already isolated for 14 days. In terms of they had been a primary issue to the society, the CDC tested them before they could go home just in case.
今天舉辦了兩場記者會,早上 0 確診,但晚上有 4 起無症狀的敦睦艦隊感染者。原本這些海軍隔離滿 14 天都要解隔離了。由於他們已經變成了社會所關注的事件,疾管署為了預防萬一還是在他們離開前做了檢測。

Then, now the whole sailors of Dunmu Fleet have to wait for the second test tomorrow morning, someone will have been sent to hospitals once has been confirmed, and others will have been allowed to go home.

The mayor of Kaohsiung used the epidemic as an excuse for obstructing citizens to remove him.

Because the commander of CECC is also the minister of MOHW, the judgement of the murderer who has schizophrenia has been the main topic in Taiwan, so dealing with this issue belong to his duty. To find a solution and teach people knowing the disease better as well as treating the potential danger radically, not just send them to jails but sending to mental hospitals must be compulsory before the tragedies happen.

Some of the people considered the allocation of masks should add to ten pieces two weeks in order to fit the working days that they could replace one new mask a day, they said because we had spare masks helped the world so why not gave people one more piece? I knew the concern they had, but I couldn’t help refuting them.
有些人覺得口罩可以領的量應該提高到每兩週 10 片,才能夠他們上班一天換一片用,他們說反正都能捐到國外了,為什麼不讓大家多領一片?我不是不瞭解他們的思考邏輯,但還是忍不住反駁回去。

It’s still too much well-being here, Taiwan.


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