2020.04.26: a KTV caught fire in Taipei – Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

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2020.04.26: a KTV caught fire in Taipei - Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記

429 (+0) cases / 6 deaths / 281 (+6) recovered
343 imported / DunmuFleet 31 / 55 indigenous

It’s the 14th consecutive day of having no domestic COVID-19 confirmed cases, and +0 came back again.

Surprisingly no girlfriends of navy sailors were getting infected, does the goddess bless this small island? Or Taiwanese people really should be researched that we might have some unimaginably immune systems in our bodies?
連續第 14 天無武漢肺炎本土案例,+0 也又回來了。軍艦的女朋友竟然也都沒人被感染,難道是媽祖在保護這個小島嗎?還是應該抓臺灣人去研究一下到底是不是我們身體裡有什麼奇妙的抗體?

The commander of the CDC said on the press conference that we could be a little bit happy with no indigenous cases, but these days is actually being worried that when the troubles were cleaned, then the other things came soon afterwards.

That it is, a KTV caught fire in Taipei today morning, 5 people have died and one in the crisis so far. As usual, some trolls irrationally accused why these people went to the KTV during the epidemic, that’s completely not a point okay?
還真被說對了,林森路錢櫃今天早上發生火災,目前有五人死亡、一人命危。一如往常地酸民酸說幹嘛這防疫期間還去 KTV,拜託這完全不是重點好嗎?

The number of people has been killed in the fire disaster is almost equal to the coronavirus has died, and the cause of the fire accident is totally human negligence.

Firstly, since the outbreak that the government has postponed the fire safety inspection.

Secondly, somehow the five alarm systems weren’t working at the time. The investigation is still going but reportedly is due to the construction workers asked employees for closing the systems in order to do their works much easier.

The survivors are furious at the severe dereliction of duty even rejected the consolation money the mayor gave.

“Coronavirus Attack” the game has been blocked in China by Steam due to the Chinese players are as mad as hell at this game, oh and now they are proved again.
Steam 把要玩《冠狀病毒大進擊》的中國玩家全封鎖了,起因是中國玩家因為這遊戲崩潰了,喔現在他們更生氣了。

Ironically that the China government forbids its citizens to play online games with foreigners, why don’t they protest the CCP? Yes, in this scenario, Taiwanese people have been deemed foreigners. Is Taiwan a part of China or not? Whatever they say.

Japan reported that a new virus is affecting crustaceans is spreading in China now, not sure if it will mutate to spread on humans or not… Is China doing poisonous magic?
日本報導,中國正在流行一種影響海鮮甲殼類的新病毒,不確定會不會傳染給人… 中國是在煉蠱?

The governor of New York said that the Wuhan Virus originated from Europe may be Italy… Is he doing the spin control with China? Incredible…
紐約州長說武漢肺炎是起源於歐洲,也許是義大利… 難道他在幫中國控制輿論?

My daughter’s school will test the remotely teaching system tomorrow night, even though the situation is so safe, we still have this advance deployment beforehand.

2020.04.26: a KTV caught fire in Taipei - Journal of Wuhan Pneumonia in Taiwan 武漢肺炎在臺灣日記
So does use these ambiguous names are appropriate even China puts this shit on other countries?


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